Best Deal Apple iPhone Cases

Get your phone the ultimate tailored protection. Check out our trending cover collections for the very best in phone cases shop. Get covered in style.

iPhone Cases By Apple Phone Model

With Smartiv, finding your perfect Apple iPhone cover just got easier. Simply look for the case you need using the menu. Just search for your handset and click. Each page shows all your phone case options. Choose the one that’s right for you.


We stock cases for many iPhone models. Get covers for the most recent handsets and older ones. Buy iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and iPhone 11 cases. Also get covers for earlier models, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone X.


Each phone case is made just for the handset, to fit perfectly. There are openings for your camera, volume control and power. Some cases also come with Apple logos. When you use them, you feel like you are using an Apple handset.


Our cases look and feel great. Plus, they protect your phone from damage. The covers are made of strong materials. They offer drop and scratch protection.


Smartiv lets you choose your case colour too. Find one that goes with your style. Choose from black, pink, green, white, blue, red and many others.


Many sites make finding phone cases difficult. It is hard to find covers for your model. We want to change this. That is why we let you shop for cases by model.


Stop searching through pages of phone cases, trying to find one that fits. Instead, use our simple system. Click your model and then choose cases that go with it. Don’t waste any more time. Get quality cases without the fuss.

iPhone Covers By Case Type

Smartiv lets you choose the case you want by type, making it easier to find the right one for you. With us, you can get biodegradable phone cases or slim iPhone cases. You can also get iPhone wallet cases too.


Eco-friendly phone cases break down in the ground. So even if you don’t recycle them, they return to the Earth naturally.


Slim cases are ideal for keeping your phone looking sleek. They hug your handset, reducing bulk.


Wallet cases that hold your bank cards. They combine both phone and purse into a single item. Use these covers to make your life simpler. Cut the risk of forgetting your money or phone by keeping both together.


Smartiv has cases for many iPhone models. Get cases for iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone X. Also get covers for newer models, including iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13.


All cases fit phones perfectly and look great too. Each comes with an Apple logo, telling everyone what model of phone you have. Get access to all buttons while protecting your handset.


Our goal is to make finding your ideal case easier. Sometimes you know you want certain types of phone cases but can’t find them.

To get your case, just click on the case type and then search for your handset. The next page will then show you cover for specific phones. Just click your handset and buy. Don’t delay. Shop for iPhone cases by type today. Get one that fits your lifestyle.

F.A.Q about our apple phone cases.

What colour cases can I get?

Smartiv offers iPhone cases in green, grey, olive, and red. We also have pink, rose gold, white, silver and black cases. Ask us for other custom colours, if you can’t find yours.

Will a case protect my iPhone?

Cases protect phones from drops of less than 4 feet. You may need more protection if you drop higher than this.

Do cases come with the Apple Logo?

Many cases from Smartiv come with the Apple logo. This way, people can still tell that you have an Apple phone.

How well do iPhone covers fit?

We make sure that iPhone covers always fit your handset. There are openings for the camera, speakers and buttons. You will be able to use your handset as normal.

How can I choose iPhone cases by model?

Choosing by model is easy. Just click “cases by model” choose your style and pick the one for your handset.

Can I keep my money in an Apple iPhone case?

Yes, if you choose a wallet-style case. It design to hols credit cards and money notes.

What is a biodegradable phone case?

This is a unique eco friendly iPhone case to help keep our earth green. These cases break down in the soil. They are different from regular plastic cases.

Should I choose a slim case?

Slim cases keep the shape of your phone’s handset. They are a good choice for people who want to look stylish. Slim cases provide less protection.

What models are your phone cases for?

We stock phone cases for many iPhone models. With us, you can get covers for new handsets, such as iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and iPhone 11. You can also get cases for older phones, such as iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 7.