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Get your next Smart watch bands.

Apple Watch Bands

Apple watch bands are a great way to make your Apple watch unique. That’s why Smartiv straps come in a range of colours. Choose funky tones or something mellow.

Sports Bands Active are ideal for those on the go. Some have holes to let the skin breathe while others are water-resistant – great for sweat. They are also made of stretchy silicone material for comfortable fit – perfect for all-day wearing.

Looking for a thinner band? Choose Smartiv’s Slim Sports Bands. These offer smooth material and are light on the skin. They are also resistant to sweat and tearing, making them suitable for even the most intense sports. Ours come with a pin-and-tuck closure for the perfect fit every time.

Smartiv’s Milanese Bands are for those who want style. They are made from stainless steel and have a solid band with a simple clasp. Unlike other bands, they will not tarnish. Plus, the mesh finish provides air for your wrist. It feels comfy on the skin.

Milanese Bands are available in black, chameleon, gold and lavender. You can also get silver, white and rose gold.

Smartiv Apple Watch Leather Microfiber Bands are stylish and comfy. They are ideal for wearing with an outfit. The leather is strong and thick while also offering flexibility. Furthermore, it is soft on the skin and comes with a magnetic closure for a better fit.

Find the perfect Apple Watch straps today. Get something that suits you and your style. With Smartiv, it is easy.

Apple Smartwatch Collection

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Straps

Calling all Samsung Galaxy Watch owners: Smartiv offers a range of compatible galaxy watch bands.

Our Leather Bands are for people who want style. They feel soft on the skin and offer subtle charm. What’s more, you can pair them with any outfit. Wear them to work or at social events – the choice is yours. Get them in beige, blue, black or brown as well as dark green, white and red versions.

Our Milanese Bands are another stylish option. These loops are made of stainless steel and feature small gaps that make them more breathable. Their smooth surface makes them soft on your skin and the attractive clasp adds further refinement.

Smartiv Silicone Replacement Bands are strong and comfy. They flex and weave with your body and come with a pin closure for the perfect fit. They are available in many colours, including black, blue, light pink and midnight blue. You can also choose from green, red, silver-grey, and turquoise. White and wine are two further options.

If you want a sportier option, choose Sport Bands Active. These are made of special material for water resistance. You can ensure its performance during swimming, diving, golf or fitness. They also have many holes for sweat to escape. Get them in black/white, black/grey or black/yellow. Also available in light purple/white, midnight blue/white, and red wine/black and other colours.

Lastly, why not choose regular Silicone Bands for your Samsung Galaxy Watch straps? They are comfy on your wrist and the new closure design ensures the perfect fit. Available in black, white, green and orange. Also available in other colours.

Samsung Watch Active Bands Collection

Active Bands For Samsung Watch

Milanese Loops for Samsung Watch

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Fitbit Watch Bands

Fitbit watch bands let you personalise your Fitbit device. With them, you can swap out the original band for something better.

Smartiv’s range of bands for Fitbit lets you choose one that suits your lifestyle. You can get something genuinely unique.

For instance, Smartiv’s Leather Bands make you stand out. These Fitbit bands are a hot 2021 trend. They are stylish and  feel great on the skin. They also come with a newly-designed closure that helps achieve perfect fit. Colours include black, blue and brown. Other options are dark green, red and white.

Milanese loop bands are another great choice and a hot 2021 trend. Their unique weave makes your Fitbit unique. Made from stainless steel, they’re designed to last. Plus, they pair with many Fitbit models, including the Versa, Blaze, Lite and Versa SE. Available in black, blue, brown, gold and many other colours.

Silicone Pin Bands are for active Fitbit wearers. They are for people who want to wear their watch while training. Silicone pin bands are smooth and soft. The material fits snugly against the skin and doesn’t rub during exercise. Popular colour options include light pink, olive green and red. You can also get black, denim blue and silver grey.

Sports Band Active are available for the Fitbit VERSA and are also made of silicone, with holes for sweat and enhanced breathability. Bands are two-toned. Get them in black/grey, black/white, and black/yellow. Other options include light purple/white, midnight blue/white and red wine/black.

Milanese Loop Collection for Fitbit Smartwatch

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Garmin Watch Straps

Smartiv Garmin Watch straps let you personalise your Garmin Watch. Each option offers something unique for the wearer to fit your lifestyle priorities. For some, it is style. For others, it is comfort. Choose the one that’s right for you.

If style is important for you, choose the Leather Link. This band looks great and pairs with any outfit. The soft fabric hugs the skin and the detailing offers a premium feel. The attractive clasp gives the perfect fit.

The Milanese Loop Band for the Garmin Watch also looks great. It has a weaved design with dense material. It is soft and stylish – perfect for 2022. Wear all day with comfort. Colour options include lavender, rose gold, silver, white, brown, blue and black. Clasps are slim-line and discreet.

The Sport Band Active for the Garmin is rugged and durable. Made of silicone, it won’t let you down. It is robust and tear-proof, designed for tough conditions. Use this band if you play sports or enjoy fitness. Take it outdoors with you on your expeditions.

The Sports Band Active is available in various colours, including white/light pink, white/black, silver/yellow, red/black and many more. The strap body is one colour, and the holes are another.

Garmin designed their watch for the outdoors. Therefore, they need bands that can survive scuffs, and scrapes.

All Garmin bands in our collection are durable and long-lasting. Get yours today to see the difference.

Garmin Watch Straps Collection

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